Previously named Julius Sardine, best known for House of the Sardine, "the specialtyoffering - grilled sardines with potatoes - 110 $ 00, the restaurant" The Minhoto "invites you to come and enjoy their dishes taste determined.

The choice is vast, with the touch of Minho present in cooking various dishes that theowners, Mario and Julio Rodriguez Louro, are proud to present.

Stop there, at No. 23 in Travessa da Boa Hora and will see that this customer is cozy restaurant with family atmosphere.


The mousse, French La mousse (foam), is a kind of creamy dessert made ​​of eggs and / or cream in combination with other ingredients that give flavor, like chocolate or fruit. Egg whites are beaten in snow and then incorporated into the other ingredients. The candy is then cooled and remains aerated.

   NEWS  2017